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More than a restaurant,
Pépé Bistro is a celebration of sharing

Sharing laughter, sharing stories, and most importantly, sharing the exquisite flavors of authentic French cuisine.

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Vanna, Hann, Piseth, Hieng, Mimie, Marie, Sreyline, Aude, Mama, Sreypich, Sreytouch, Rothana, Heng, Sokhom - Pépé Bistro Team in April 2024.


Who's behind Pépé Bistro?

Aude's journey into the world of culinary excellence began with her insatiable curiosity as a child. From a young age, she wanted to touch and manipulate everything and everyone around her. Recognizing this early fascination, her mother wisely guided her towards the kitchen, where Aude's hands would stay busy creating and experimenting, allowing her to witness the direct results of her culinary adventures.

Her formal culinary education took root in the renowned culinary institutions of Paris at Vatel, and later, the Paul Bocuse Institute in Lyon.


Aude's journey led her from culinary studies in France to international kitchens in Mauritius, La Réunion, Norway, and finally, Cambodia. Initially arriving as the Chef of the French Embassy, Aude fell in love with Cambodia's culture and flavors, prompting her to stay and open her first restaurant at the age of 26.

Pépé and more ...

Building on the success of her initial venture, Aude, in collaboration with two associates, Hélène and Béa, launched her first bakery in 2021 and a second one in 2023, aptly named Tatie's (French for "auntie"). Tatie's quickly became a local favorite, offering not just delightful pastries and coffee but also an assortment of artisanal cheeses. Aude's personal passion for cheese-making became a focal point, adding a unique touch to Tatie's identity.

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Where does the name Pépé Bistro come from?

Pépé is the name we chose for my great-grandfather. He was a talented chef and the owner of his own restaurant, alongside his wife, Mémé. They loved gathering the entire family at the restaurant to share a meal and play cards afterward. These are cherished memories, and the perfect example of what sharing and a passion for food and people mean.

Additionally, the initials of Pépé Bistro are P.B., paying homage to Paul Bocuse. Known as the Gastronomy Pope, he allowed chefs to step out of the shadows and showcased our work. By using the same initials, Pépé Bistro is a tribute to him.


"Pépé" can also be heard as P.P., which stands for Phnom Penh.

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